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(Limited Time Promotion-50% OFF)Waterproof Shoe Covers

(Limited Time Promotion-50% OFF)Waterproof Shoe Covers

(Limited Time Promotion-50% OFF)Waterproof Shoe Covers

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Always make your shoes wet and dirty during rainy days? Waterproof Shoe Covers can solve your problem!
Waterproof Shoe Covers
These shoe covers are engineered with water-resistant material to protect your beloved shoes from rain, slush, and snow.
Waterproof Shoe Covers
Features anti-slip sole to 100% prevents accidental slip. It's ultra-elastic and portable design also allows to carry it in your pockets.
Waterproof Shoe Covers
  • Anti-Slip Sole: Made of 100% premium non-toxic silicone rubber. It is also equipped with anti-slip sole to prevents slipping.

  • Waterproof: Avoid soppy shoes and wet foot in rainy, slush, and snow days.

  • Portable: Simply fold the shoe covers and store it in your bag or pocket. Easy to carry our shoe covers with its elastic design.

  • Stylish: These silicone shoe covers were made in great fashionespecially not hiding your sneakers' design with its see-through material.
  • Durable & Reusable: Our silicone show covers are reusable and can be comfortably worn for up to 2000 times.


    • Material: Silicone rubber
    • Colour: White/ Black/ Grey/Yellow/ Blue/ Pink
    • Size:


      • 1 Pair Waterproof Shoe Covers.
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